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In 2002 our company put to market an entirely new information system PATO, based on over the years successful software DOMINO.  PATO takes full advantage of secured Microsoft SQL platform and the Sybase development products.

FOMS (Front Office Management System)
Working with travel groups or individuals? Want to know about all the phone calls made from the guests room? Want to have quick and clear information about your hotel?

processing reservations of individuals and groups
add/edit/cancel reservation with a lock-up to the guest/partner database (bank),
which is common to all modules of system PATO
prepare expected arrival to date with lock-up to guest/partner bank
work with "waiting lists" and "call options"
work with partner contingents and their evaluation

Reception and cash desk

"walk-in" individuals
check in individuals and groups from reservations, edit reservations,
"quick check-in" for groups
open/conduct account of non-housed guest
moving the guest with his account, extension of stay, renewal of canceled stay
individual/group account management
sales statistics of souvenirs/minibar; documentation of changes, cancellations,
movements to another account
accommodation fees, breakfasts and other items put on final hotel bill tax document
with all particulars
paying bill in foreign currency; conversion CZK/EUR already integrated
possibility to issue hotel bill in form of invoice without additional transfer
overview of past and future occupancy for each day, type of room, business partner
overview of the booked capacity in certain period in accordance with the capacity
and contingents
cash register of domestic and foreign currencies
basic reports and statements for the front office, currency exchange and the


exchange operations with all the required documents
optional course change at any time
management of the basic reports due to the law and needs of the service

Manager Info

expected income prediction in relation to hotel occupancy
income records for the selected segmentation
financial statistics
national statistics
statements for tax payment

Connections to other systems

telephone exchange transfer of phone call fees to guests account
transfer of invoices and sales to account software
POS system - transfer restaurant bills on guests account in FOMS software
electronic locks management
electronic exchange board - showing the actual course on electronic table


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